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Orders-of-magnitude hardware acceleration for Spark and Presto without code changes.


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Speedata’s history starts a decade ago, when a group of PhD researchers discovered the inefficiencies of CPUs and GPUs at processing large scale data analytics workloads. They noticed that without any practical alternatives, businesses have come to accept that more data translates to buying more serves to power more processors in a cluster configuration.

However, the infrastructure costs eventually become an unsustainable burden and businesses are forced to compromise. Determined to show the world a better way, these researchers founded Speedata.

Speedata’s Analytics Processing Unit (APU) is the first processor architected from the ground-up to accelerate Data Analytics workloads. The focus on accelerating data analytics, down to the level of the silicon, allows us to offer orders-of-magnitude acceleration compared to the alternatives. Speedata provides these benefits seamlessly to developers and end users, without requiring code changes.


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This chart shows the average speed-up factor achieved across several TPC-DS queries, compared to running those queries on a CPU or GPU. Individual queries and workloads often show acceleration factors greater than 100x, depending on the computational intensity of the specific workload.

To find out the expected speedup for your specific workloads, get in touch with us by clicking on “Book a Demo”.