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Performance Analyst Engineer

An exciting full-stack startup, backed by the largest VCs in Israel and founded by serial entrepreneurs together with academic experts, is seeking an outstanding SW Validation Engineer. This is a rare opportunity to join early and build new products and business model and make a dramatic impact on the core of future data processing.

Job Description

In this role, you will be responsible for implementing infrastructure for performance analysis, tuning, and debug of a new SOC product. As a member of our SW team, you will collaborate closely with other SW & HW Engineers to study, Dev ops to develop and get required environment, debug and improve the performance of our new cutting-edge SOC. Collaborate with our business unit and participate in the product design and implementation. Evaluate, implement, and integrate diverse tools and technologies among which: Databases, SPARK, PrestoSQL, Hardware simulators, etc.


  • Collecting performance data for various workloads / benchmarks

  • Conducting detailed workload characterization

  • Building an automated performance analysis environment

  • Writing micro-benchmarks to understand performance characteristics of a SoC

  • Collect traces to feed the performance simulation model

  • Integrating performance pipeline metrics with internal dashboard.

  • Implement the backend of outbound facing tool.

  • Present the performance data in a concise manner


  • BS degree in Electrical / Computer Eng or equivalent relevant experience

  • At least 3 year experience in a SW role

  • At least 1 year experience in a tests/pipeline infrastructure

  • Good understanding of computer systems

  • Strong scripting skills in Python

  • Proficiency in C / C++


  • Experience with analytics frameworks such as SPARK, PrestoSQL &

  • Experience with Databases such as PostgreSQL

  • Experience with hardware performance counters and binary instrumentation tools

  • Experience in Linux kernel internals / system programming

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