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Presto / Trino Developer

An exciting semiconductor startup is seeking an experienced Presto/Trino developer to lead the software development for running state-of-the-art analytics frameworks on a new type of hardware accelerators. This is a rare opportunity to influence the future of both processor architectures and analytics frameworks.

Job Description

  • Architect and implement a Presto/Trino connectors and plugins for a revolutionary hardware
    accelerator SoC

  • Interact with the processor and compiler teams to introduce system optimizations

  • Provide technical guidance to a team of software engineers building software platforms for
    large-scale data processing and real time analytics

  • Contribute to the data analytics open-source community of (e.g., Presto, Trino, Spark)


  • BA/BSc or higher degree in Computer Science, Informatics, Computer Engineering, or Electrical Engineering.

  • Hands-on systems builder who is not afraid to dive in large code bases.

  • Hands on experience in Presto/Trino internals

  • Expert level proficiency in Java


  • Having contributed code into Presto/Trini or another large OSS project

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