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SW Engineer – Java/Scala

An exciting full-stack startup, backed by the largest VCs in Israel and founded by serial entrepreneurs together with academic experts, is seeking a Superstar Java / Scala SW Engineer. This is a rare opportunity to join early and build new products and business model and make a dramatic impact on the core of future data processing.

Job Description

Speedata is inviting you to become a part of a software team that is developing an application layer for a new type of massively parallel processor. Learn the internals of state-of-the-art cloud-scale distributed processing environments (e.g., Spark, Hadoop, Presto) and extend them to use the new processor.


  • SW wizard

  • BSc or equivalent or higher degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, or

    Electrical Engineering.

  • Proven experience in working on the internals of large-scale, software systems

  • Proficiency in Java and Scala – Live, breath, design, build, and maintain efficient,

    reusable, and reliable code

  • Retool continuously as the technology landscape changes every few years

  • Be able to pick up other technologies along the whole development stack, including

    front-end and other non-JVM ecosystems

  • Have a desire to collaborate, and like sharing and learning from your colleagues

  • Be passionate about delivering quality code

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