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SW Research Engineer

An exciting full-stack startup, backed by the largest VCs and founded by serial entrepreneurs is seeking an outstanding Senior SW Engineer to develop a new form of hardware accelerated big data processing. This is a rare opportunity to influence the future of data processing.

Job Description

You will be responsible for developing techniques to leverage a new type of processor to accelerate database engines. Our system integrates leading database frameworks with cutting edge accelerator architectures. You will be part of a multidisciplinary team developing database logic that is tightly integrated with the underlying HW accelerator.

  • Research SW solutions for optimal use of a novel accelerator architecture 

    • ​Understand the HW and leverage its potential

    • Fly high with the SW, and dive in for a byte in the HW

  • Develop Code Generation algorithms in Python

  • Performance analysis and bottleneck detection

We are looking for a highly skilled professional that loves to be part of a dynamic team and wants to be a part of something big.


  • BSc or equivalent or higher degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, or Electrical Engineering.

  • Experience in SW development (5+ years)

  • Experience in Python (3+ years)

  • Experience in large software frameworks (3+ years)

  • Familiarity with Computer Architecture and low level programming


  • Background in research

  • Experience in parallel processing

  • Experience with C++17

  • Experience with major DB internals (e.g. Spark, Presto, PostgreSQL, Oracle, DB2)

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