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 Senior Software: C++ Kernel Algorithms 

An exciting startup, backed by the most prominent VCs in Israel and founded by serial entrepreneurs, is seeking a skilled and motivated Senior Software engineer for C++ Kernel Algorithms Group.

Job Description

As Senior Software Engineer for C++ Kernel Algorithms Group, you will have the opportunity to work on cutting-edge accelerator architectures. Your primary responsibilities will include developing algorithmic kernels in C++ specifically tailored for our custom accelerator architecture. We are writing cutting-edge technology with cutting-edge tools, so you will have the opportunity to write in the most cutting-edge C++ versions. 


  • Develop high-performance algorithms for our hardware accelerator using C++ advanced meta-programming. 

  • Working with cutting edge C++ standards (C++17 and Higher). 

  • Develop code-generation algorithms in Python. 

We are looking for a highly skilled professional that loves to be part of a dynamic team and wants to be a part of something big. 


  • BSc or equivalent or higher degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, or Electrical Engineering. 

  • Expert C++ developer (preferably C++-17 and above) 

  • Advanced experience in Python 

  • Experience in large software frameworks 

  • Advantage: Experience in CUDA / parallel processing 

  • Advantage: Experience with major DB internals (e.g. Spark, Presto, PostgreSQL, Oracle, DB2) 

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