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Big-data processing chip startup Speedata exits stealth with $55M

Speedata, a startup that’s developing a specialized computer processor for data analytics workloads, exited stealth mode today as it closed on a $55 million funding round that brings its total amount raised to $70 million.


Speedata exits stealth with $55 million Series A for Big Data analytics chip

Speedata, which develops an Analytics Processing Unit (APU) designed to accelerate big data analytic workloads, exited stealth on Thursday with a $55 million Series A round. 


Speedata’s chip for analytics workloads gets a $55M boost

Speedata, a semiconductor infrastructure company developing hardware accelerators for analytics and databases, today announced that it raised $55 million in a series A round led by Walden Catalyst Ventures, 83North, and Koch Disruptive Technologies...


Speedata Exits Stealth with $70 Million in Funding to Develop
First-of-its-Kind Dedicated Analytics & Database Accelerator to Expedite Big Data Analytics


Speedata emerges from stealth with $70M and groundbreaking chip technology to accelerate big data analytics processing

Datacenters are taking on ever-more specialized chips to handle different kinds of workloads, moving away from CPUs and adopting GPUs and other kinds of accelerators to handle more complex and resource-intensive computing demands.