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Lead SoC Architect

An exciting semiconductor startup is seeking an outstanding lead architect to join the architecture and system engineering team and create and define a SoC and system architecture for a new type of SoC processing big data. The architect will be responsible for the hardware specifications and flow specifications of complicated modules in the chip and in the full system solution. The architect will work closely with the chip design, firmware and software teams.
This is a rare opportunity to influence future processor architectures.

Job Description

  • Definition and specification of subsystems in the SoC which includes multi-core massively parallel processor, accelerators, network on chip and networking blocks.

  • Breaking down the sub-system architecture into microarchitectural blocks, firmware, and SW components.

  • Understanding the system in which the SoC is integrated to and designing the SoC to perfectly fit into the datacentre system.


  • BSc or higher degree in Electrical Engineering, Computer Science or Computer Engineering.Graduated with honors.

  • 6+ years of experience as a system architect for large, high-end ASIC SoCs.

  • Experience with multidisciplinary HW/SW systems.

  • Team player with good communication skills.

  • Experience in defining requirements and architectures for advanced high-end systems.

  • Advantage: Deep understanding of datacenter systems.

  • Advantage: Background in networks and protocols (e.g. Ethernet, IP, DDr4/5).

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